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My name is Gillian Archibald and I am a divorce coach for women who are stuck or blocked in making the transition of being in a long term relationship/marriage to being single again.

I know the challenges of divorce love, I've been there myself and I can tell you there is a beautiful world on the other side of it all

I know how lonely you can feel after a divorce, sometimes for years. The loneliness can be overwhelming, even with family nearby. How you may have lost all your previous friends and you want to meet new people but don't know where or how.

Maybe you would like to date again but it's been years and you aren't as confident as you would like to be or you are too scared to open yourself up because of the possibility of being hurt again.


I am a divorced woman, having been married 33 years and I have over 15 years of experience working in the Court system as a Judicial Clerk. I have been through and experienced the same events as you.

Being a Judicial Clerk I have sat in many Divorce hearings and that has allowed me to have a different perspective on the proceedings than that of a lawyer or their client. I know the pain you are feeling and the struggles you have been through.

I have witnessed many people leave the courtroom disappointed, dejected, confused and in a state of shock. Wondering what is going to happen to them, feeling like there is no hope for their future.


  • Stop your pain and manage your emotions?
  • Manage stress and conflict in your life and with your ex-partner?
  • Stop carrying around all your old baggage and build a new life, open new doors?
  • Boost your self-confidence and get your life back on track?
  • Transition into the dating world as the best, confident person you can be?
  • Re-enter the workforce or finally have the career you've always dreamed of?
  • Set new goals to become financially stable and have security for your future?


If you are looking to put your life back together, let go of the baggage you're are carrying around, want change that will bring you a positive outlook on your life, the ability to move forward confidently and be happy and excited about your future; the Journey starts here!

Change Your Story, Be Emotionally Healthy, Let's Connect!


I offer a complimentary 30-minute coaching call and I'm excited to have a conversation with you!
NOW would be a good time!